Since we opened in the fall of 2018, we have learned many things the hard way. We are starting to better define our vision and create systems and protocols that have been lacking.

#1 Our animals will not be adopted out for the purpose of being bred or raised for meat.

Coming from a small ranching community, I grew up eating venison. My dad brought home a buck every year to fill our freezer. We didn’t have a lot and often lived off the food boxes from the church. So, I believe that eating meat probably kept me healthier than I would have been otherwise. Therefore, I’ve been middle of the road when it comes to raising livestock.

However, stepping into this community has caused me to have to better define my own stance and specifically be clear about what our beliefs are as a rescue. I have friends who raise their own meat. I don’t have issue with this. I believe their animals are well cared for, have happy lives and are culled humanely. Although I’ve not had to take a side before, I find my middle of the road views are often bashed by both sides. Because we are a public service I feel it is important to clearly define our views for our rescue and make a statement that we are here to promote the happiness, health and safety for all animals. We have specified in our adoption contracts that our animals won’t be adopted for the purpose of being eaten or bred. The reason for this is that there are plenty of places people can go for that. The animals we receive into the rescue are coming in because they were treated poorly, already worked enough or had been somebody’s pet. Our goal is to give them a safe place to recover and then find a home that will love and care for them well for their remaining days here on earth.

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